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From one of the oldest and most famous porn production companies, here comes, a site that your father hopes you will never come across. It’s the same company that used to supply them with smut back in 60s and 70s. Unfortunately for them, the internet was not available to the public and they could only access the smut through adult magazines.

You had to walk into an adult shop or a magazine stand and order your copy. That was a lot of hassle and you had to keep it out of reach for children and wife of course. Thanks to the internet, you can now have all their materials at the comfort of your bedroom. And you don’t just get nude photos of gorgeous girls like they used to, you can now watch the girls going a step further to masturbate and fuck with boys on camera. review

Their legacy lives on though. You can still read naughty letters from the members, read fantasy stories, and view some of the most beautiful women getting naked and so on. In recent years, they have taken the hardcore direction; giving top hardcore networks a run for their money.

The amount of content that you will find in Penthouse is mind-blowing as you would expect from a site that has been around for over half a century. The movies section has some 3,222 videos and clips while the pictures department is the most humungous with some 4,073 sets of pictures in the shelves. A set of photos come with about 30 images so that’s over twelve thousands images right there. Videos are standard in length, the average run time being 18 minutes for most of them. The site might be old but remember that experience doesn’t grow old.

Our discount price has always remained consistent with emerging trends in technology. They are currently producing their videos in HD quality and pictures come with 3D offers. There are MP4s, WMVs and MPEGs to use in downloading the films and in case you just want to view instantly on the site, there is a FLY option to help with that. No quality worries here whatsoever.

It’s really hard to describe everything that you get in this site in cold print. Fortunately, you can sign up for free and take a tour into their various sections to see what you get as a member. Once you are satisfied, you can fill in your card information and grab your membership. You better take the tour and see it for yourself.

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