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A pornsite that’s in the line of work that Female Agent is in is obviously going to have something to prove when it comes to making people understand and like them! For beginners, here is the information that you’ll need for proper understanding of what is place is about! They have for you content that can be seen as a reversal of the roles of casting models and interviewers. Very many casting videos are about male interviewers using all tricks\tactics to have lots of sex with new amateur models on the .


This pornsite is about the female casting agent, a beautiful sensual lady who wants to treat the funky muscled slabs of meat as sexual toys in the sexual interviews! Therefore, the dominant female interviewer is taking control of the situation and she asks the men to come in one at a time and get naked. Moments pass, soon the girl is treating the massive boner of the male model as a delicious sausage as she goes ahead to have sex with the guy. Another fact of interests is that the casting agent is a babe who is willing to have sex with other female models at the drop of a hat!

So, everybody is welcomed – they can have hardcore male-female sex or female-female fucking. The job of the agents is to make the models perform sex acts (as best pornographers do) as they film in stationary and pov styles. And there are more than 180 Female Agent discount movies filmed. There’s 480p 720p and wmv flv mp4 file formats. The pornsite follows the style of other pornsites in the Fake-Hub-Network. So, it has similar color patterns, links, menus, information, and presentation as the rest. You have the home tab, videos, network scenes, models, online store, amount other features.

Each update has date, likes, number of views, while overall searching of the videos is gloriously easy affair. If the movie is not in English, there’ll be subtitles. The casting is of all kinds of fellas and girls from 18+ legal age to 30s.

Movies are average 40 minutes. The porn site has advert, no picture galleries so far, but everything inside is exclusive to members. Inside the site are trailers so that you get sneak peeks at the materials. and network bonus material of other “fake” genres of porn are inside the bonus network option (they are only “fake” in the sense that there’s a lie\gimmick used to cheat the models into sex by agents, interviews, doctors, directors, and so on – you’ll easily understand the gimmick once you have entered inside!) So, Female Agent is very good at porn, (have some things to improve on like more interactive online community options for members) – so check them out!

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