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Today, we are going to visit a clinic where in-depth treatment is their priority – though in a strange form. Welcome to Fake Hospital, a healthcare environment where gorgeous patients come for medical check-ups and end up doing the unbelievable. This is one of the sites in Fake Hub Network and this is where you will be treated to enthralling hardcore sex performed by zealous fake doctors and their horny patients.

Fake Hub is a leading network in this niche – they have six different sites each focusing on “fake” persons pretending to be real and luring unsuspecting victims to perform hardcore sex. For instance, Fake Cop is one of sites that make up the network and here focuses on fake policemen or women who are taking advantage of law-breakers to ask for sex.


You’ll also love the concept of Fake Taxi – a site producing fun-fill hardcore sex initiated by a fake driver who is always on a look-out for gorgeous British girls on the street of London to fuck. Other sites in the network are Public Agent, Fake Agent, and of course FakeHospital.com, a site which we are going to enter today.

Here is the best clinic to check out if you want some kinds of good sex. The doctors are stud guys and sexy girls that patients find difficult to resist their advances for sex. The patients are not bad as well and all the actions are captured by hidden cameras place in the consulting room. This site thinks the best treatment a patient could get is to have his cork sucked by a female doctor and end up fucking her rigorously.

Female patients will quickly get better when they are licked and banged on the Fake Hospital’s beds. Meanwhile all the actions are offered to members in full HD quality and to be downloaded in multiple formats. Streaming is available too, and these guys continue to update the content frequently. However, members will have exclusive right to all the movies which means they won’t be seen on other sites.

Quality porn produced in highest quality material makes here one of the best place to watch amateur hardcore porn while the price is exceptionally good. With your single membership you’ll get free access to content from other sites in Fake Hub network. The Fake Hospital discount videos are produced in Czech and has girls from this country as models. Initially I thought the language will be a barrier and won’t be able to enjoy the script, but “hell no” – I soon forgot there was no English subtitles because the action is fun with highly entertaining sex. Over 406 full HD scenes can now be picked from the library while the site’s owners have the intention to make the collection bigger by adding more movies regularly.

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